About us

RM Ad & Tech Inc is a technology company that is on a mission to simplify the lives of the marketers by streamlining the marketing tools through integrations and enable organizations to make most out of every dollar that they spend. We believe that in the dynamic realm of digital marketing, the need for simplicity and efficiency is paramount. Pathik is your answer. Our innovative Marketing SaaS platform seamlessly streamlines marketing and advertising processes, ensuring that complexities become a thing of the past through the right of technology.

Our Vision

In an era where impactful advertising strategies are essential, Pathik emerges as a beacon of innovation. By harmonizing the advertising journey, we enable businesses to achieve unparalleled efficiency, efficacy, and impact.

Step into the Future of Marketing

Experience a world where marketing is intuitive, streamlined, and results-driven. Embrace the Pathik way and elevate your marketing game.

Pathik owned by RM Ad & Tech Inc

RM Ad & Tech Inc

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Embrace the Pathik to elevate your marketing game.